Artwork by LIA

The evocation of natural mathematics has been the starting point for much of LIA’s work throughout the years. Ever since the publication of her first pieces in, to experience or to contemplate her works leads to the discovery of reminiscences of natural forms and phenomena such as the movement of birds, the shapes or the patterns of plants.

LIA / portrait

LIA is not developing a systematic effort to copy nature. Her goal is certainly not to simulate or rebuild nature and its forms, as she doesn’t seek to model her pieces in the shape of plants, the texture of stones or the patterns in animal fur. She rather builds her work upon the very same mathematical structures that are the basis of these natural forms and uses these as her building blocks for visual programming. What these meet in LIA’s code are often the simplest of Euclidian forms, pushed into developing exquisite images and movement through their synthesis with mathematics. The reminiscences with nature arise much more from these familiar structures than from the actual final shapes or movements. There is evocation more than an imitation; there is emotional similarity rather than physical resemblance.

Starting from formulas of variable complexity, much of LIA’s creative work stands in the joy and curiosity of exploring the evolution of algorithmic transformations operated on the starting elements or over new objects that were spawned by those over time. As nature evolves, LIA’s codes also do. As autonomous agents interact in nature, so do LIA’s algorithms inside of her pieces, developing complex entities of mesmerizing beauty.

Therefore, abstraction in LIA’s pieces becomes more than something strictly of the intellectual domain, it turns into something that is not only symbolic, but something that can be experienced in its connection to Human nature. If we remember Tolstoi’s assertion that the work of art embodies the artist’s emotions or feelings and evokes those in the observer of the object, which better way can there be for doing this than to communicate using a common language, the very same code that stands as the basis of Human essence, emotions and behaviors?

LIA develops a very peculiar form of digital plastic arts. Using her tools – the computer and the algorithms – she carves her prime matter and manipulates virtual shapes like a sculptor. Like a painter, she uses the screen as a canvas, not trying to simulate something that may be behind or beyond it but exploring its two-dimensional plane and the intersecting axis of time. Like a choreographer, she builds contexts for all forms to coexist in harmonic or conflicting motion. The outcome of this process is often not too dissimilar to what nature achieves with its own means, neither in process nor outcome.

Miguel Carvalhais, Porto, January 2006


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