Change is the one con­stant. To sur­vive and pros­per, an organ­ism must also change to meet the chan­ging con­di­tions. It must evolve. This bio­lo­gical imper­at­ive also applies in the busi­ness world. Now more than ever, to sur­vive and thrive, busi­nesses must adapt and evolve.

evol­u­tion is the cent­ral theme of roadmap 13, an annu­al Schoen­herr pub­lic­a­tion that presents an over­view from our law­yers of recent and upcom­ing legal devel­op­ments in our core prac­tice areas, as well as crit­ical insights and ana­lyses of those devel­op­ments.

Giv­en today’s volat­ile eco­nomic envir­on­ment, the legal land­scape has changed, and con­tin­ues to change, with unpre­ced­en­ted speed. It is crit­ical for busi­nesses to stay abreast of these changes in order to evolve with them, to bene­fit from them, and to pros­per in a new, high­er form.

The Roadmap, too, must evolve. So this year’s ver­sion has gone dig­i­tal, allow­ing for a more mod­ern approach to soft­ware art, best viewed via an online plat­form.

The illus­tra­tions in this roadmap 13 are by LIA, an Aus­trian soft­ware artist. Her images pro­vide a poignant inter­pret­a­tion of its theme of evo­lu­tion.

roadmap 13
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