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Estab­lished almost two decades ago, the office in Prague joined Schoen­herr in 2009. Tra­di­tion­al­ly focused on assist­ing for­eign investors with set­ting up their busi­ness­es in the Czech Repub­lic and Slo­va­kia, the team has grown into a renowned legal advi­sor for inter­na­tion­al and domes­tic com­pa­nies in all areas of com­mer­cial law. The Prague office is a recog­nised leader in a num­ber of areas, includ­ing com­pe­ti­tion, large scale pri­vati­sa­tions, domes­tic and cross-bor­der M&A, cor­po­rate restruc­tur­ing, con­struc­tion and real estate, financ­ing, reg­u­la­to­ry law and employ­ment. Client sat­is­fac­tion has been repeat­ed­ly reflect­ed by inter­na­tion­al awards, such as the 2011 ACQ Law Awards for “Cross-bor­der Law Firm of the Year in Czech Repub­lic” and “Com­mer­cial Arbi­tra­tion Law Firm of the Year in Czech Repub­lic” as well as the 2007 Inter­na­tion­al Law Office “Client Choice Award” for Czech Repub­lic. Scroll upScroll down.

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